MyDeposits Useless - Get Rid of Them OpenRent

Cannot log in to MyDeposits account so sent them email on Sunday, received acknowledgement but nothing else. Sent another 2 emails since but still nothing.

I went to call them but I refuse to pay between 7p and 15p per minute.

OpenRent need to partner with another Deposit Scheme - or offer a choice.

Use a different deposit scheme yourself

I can - but then I would move away from OpenRent because it wouldnt be an “all in one” system

I agree, their web site is counter intuitive and buggy. Being an IT professional, even I was struggling to navigate and follow the workflow.

i rank mydeposits as the worst company to bond your deposits with, not easy to deal with and very biased towards tenants. they would not admit when their website was down before and i missed the deadline. not to be trusted

Hi Colin. I’ve just signed contracts with my tenants this evening and they will be paying rent and deposit tomorrow. How do I change away from the open rent scheme - so I can use the DPS scheme which I have used in the past ? Thanks

Hi Linda I have not used the open rent deposit so I dont know the answer I have always used the DPS since it came into operation I use Openrent purely to advertise property, and it is very good .I collect rents myself and use my own tenancy agreement from NRLA I manage it all as then I can keep a close eye on events

Thanks Colin for your reply. This is my first time using Openrent advertising and found it an excellent way to do things by cutting out the estate agent and vetting tenants myself.
I have found the referencing very hit and miss and had to chase a lot and now I’ve realised the deposit scheme is one that Is not highly regarded and I now can’t change to the DPS which I have used in the past and found very good. It’s a learning curve. Thanks! Linda.

Hi Burnhamrental,

It sounds like you’ve not managed to verify your MyDeposits account yet.

Please check your inbox for an email from MyDeposits with the subject line “Verification Email” and click on the link in that to finish setting up your account.

If the email isn’t in your inbox then please do also check your spam or junk folders. If you are still unable to locate the email after checking your spam and junk folders, or the link has expired, then you can contact MyDeposit’s dedicated support team for OpenRent’s landlords:
0333 321 9404

If you’d like any further assistance, or if you have any other questions, please email, from your registered email address, and a member of our support team will be happy to assist further.

Kind regards,

Its all sorted now - tenant got his money back, i asked mydeposits to close my account and 2 deposits have since been lodged with DPS which was really easy for both LL and Tenant.

Sometimes we talk from our experience. I used to use DPS had very bad experience.
Even authorising yo pay all deposit back to tenant and did not for a long time giving various reasons and my one of tenants was in tears. Since then I have been using My deposit Deposit protection insurance scheme so I keep the tenants deposit in a separate account and much easier to sort out at the end of tenancy.
No problems with MyDeposit.