Deposit refused

Hey, this has nothing to do with openrent, this is my new house and am well happy with it.

It’s to do with my old house I moved from

We moved out before Christmas and the estate agent said we aren’t getting deposit back due to dilapidation’s :man_facepalming:t2: we lived there for 7 years with no issue and there’s nothing wrong with the house, we paid for it to be cleaned when we moved and everything.

Now here’s where it gets interesting - the agents sent us an email saying we can appeal and needs to be done by x date, we did that only to be told that we are to late and the agents gave us the wrong date so we can’t appeal anymore.

Do I have any legal standing since the agents gave us the wrong date to appeal by? I have loads of evidence and can go to small claims court if it’s worth it :man_shrugging:t4:

Yes, of course you do. Contact whichever deposit scheme it was protected with and tell them you dispute the retention and tell them the story.

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