Different of renting to DSS?

I’ve always rented my 4 bed house to
4 young adults and no problems. Had to stop that when new council rules for HMO
changed and can now only have 2 unrelated adults sharing unless I change house to HMO.
I’ve advertised house and a nice family (non Uk ) of 5 have interest. Husband is working but has now told me they are getting Universal credits to help find a home. Leaving their residence of 7 years due to landlord selling. . I’m confused about how this works ? I think they get the money and pay me. How do they pass references if their income isn’t enough ? I know regsulations for right to rent / stay and fine with sorting that.
What should I be wary of with the benefits situation ?

the rent gets paid to them not you ,… .in arears also .

It’s not DSS anymore, it’s Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)

Universal Credit is made up of ‘elements’ one of which is Housing Element set in line with the Local Housing Allowance. You can check the maximum payable here using the postcode

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Note there is no obligation on the T to actually pay you the Housing Element. It is assumed they will. If they don’t you can apply to have the Housing Element (which may be different from the rent. It usually is and usually is lower than the rent). It’s called Alternative Payment Arrangement and the details are here.

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Good luck.

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