Discriminating landlord

I turn tenants away who put a year up front as it’s normally a sign of credit problems ie after 12months they stop paying .
And for the record I’ve had two like this to the tune of 18k


The landlord has a guardian angel. Christ. Imagine this one as your tenant. You’d hang yourself


Quiet now, you will wake him up again !


Excellent references from the landlord who wants you out and the agent who wants to sell the place :thinking:


This guy is obviously very ill
And needs specialist help

Obviously has many mental issues and is using this site as a kind of therapy

May you get the help you need


Hahahahaha. I don’t think so as he’s deleting his account

This is not discrimination, it is the landlord making a business decision. As a landlord letting a 2 bedroomed flat I would prefer single occupiers aged 30+ in long-standing full time employment with no adverse credit history and without pets.Obviously, this is not always possible, but it is a good starting point for me. The fact that this applicant intends legal action without just cause, suggests to me that the landlord has had a very lucky escape. Also, the offer to pay 12 months up front usually means that after that rent payments will reduce.


I thought similar to you , you can tell by the tone of the rant and maybe this is just sad.


He sounds a lot like the Scottish bloke a few months back complaining about damp in his flat.


Although you might have a point here…Sometimes I wonder if you’re really a landlord as you’re always here spreading your “joy”. Shouldn’t you be managing or keeping your tenants property or properties in good order? :grin:

Seriously mate! I am a tenant too, but let’s be reasonable. This is not discrimination, this is life. I feel your frustration, but at the end of the day, it’s the landlord’s choice who they want in their house even if you feel you’re the best for them. Instead of coming here and fighting with everyone that disagrees with you, focus that energy in finding a landlord that will accept you. You will find something suitable for you, it just might take time and you just have to be patient. That 666 phone number hasn’t done you any favour by the way.All the best to you.:dove::v:


There’s no need to be mean, is there? He might have been misinformed, but looking for rental accommodation is rather stressful and can affect your mental health.


With 20 viewing requests, I can only rent to one of them !

These days I often get several who I might rent to, and have to make a decision, based on my gut feeling , combined with my experience.

Applicants often view more than 1 property and may not make an offer to me.

Once I accept an offer after a viewing, all other applicants have to be rejected.

It is not personal.

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I was just pointing out that references from the landlord and agent would probably be viewed with some scepticism by a prospective landlord add to that the year’s rent up front is considered a red flag by a lot of landlords and the amount of other applicants and things aren’t looking too good.
I agree that having to look for a new home is stressful and rejection is going to be bad for mental health. Personally I don’t agree with evicting someone from their home so you can sell it for a better price but I’ve never been in that situation.
I’d rather keep my rent just below market value which would make it easier to sell to an investor. I have noticed a lot of properties for sale with sitting tenants paying well below market value.


The Contract must have an offer and acceptance and must exchange consideration between the parties. Mark it was merely an invitation to view a property - not accepting any offer to let. There were no contract and no legal cause to answer.


Exactly! This chap hadn’t even got to the viewing stage!

It is neither discrimination nor illegal. Hr can choose who he would like and a tenant and clearly chose someone else. You have nothing to complain about.

If Keith24 says that Shelter is helping him, he needs to ask Shelter to give him a home from the donations they receive. The landlord have very right to decide who they wish to have as tenants or even on who views his property… The property belongs to the landlord and to Shelter. Shelter make a lot of noise and give not so accurate information, judging by what they said to Keith24.


I meant to say the property does not belong to Shelter. Their donations are used to pay hefty salaries to themselves, like Polly Neate (Bleat), like £150k. With the donations, they need to provide housing. This particular landlord had a lucky escape. Previous landlord and agents will give good advice as they wish to get rid of the tenants, so sell can be completed without the tenant. Keith24 does not have foot to stand on or proof of discrimination to take it successfully to court. Shelter are only good at sitting at their laptops and advising tenants with false information.


When I recently rented out a flat in London I had 72 applications in 3 hours. I invited eleven to view, they all came and they all wanted it. In the end I accepted one applicant. I hope I don’t get sued by the other ten.