Discrimination against DSS

My son found a whole flat under Right Move student page when he was attending Uni.
It sounds very frustrating for you.

and i bet landlords who have rented to people that work have had mixed experiences as well

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I may be letting to a family on Housing Benefit, like families who work I will be taking all the necessary precautions, and the family have offered to pay 6 months rent in advance. Depending on anyones situation, I am always cautious with everyone I deal with. I have a portfolio of rental properties and this is my part time job. I understand your dismay, however like people who work who are bad tenants, unfortunately there will always be HB tenants who will in the minority cause issues.

Has your collage not set up a Facebook page or portal or anything whereby new students can get to know one another beforehand? I know it’s not great, but just wondering if you could put your dilemma out there and see if anyone comes up with anything?
Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Hi Monica

I had bad experience with person on housing benefit but recently I have accepted one because we are living in different time. But all agreed with terms and conditions and just at the time of signing the tenancy contract I was asked for for a few things outings all shelves in all etc and about he would love to keep snake as a pet and I refused.

Also I was told that tenants who are on dss are doing favour to the landlords as they don’t property rented. Then I told him that’s was not truth as I already rented my another flat to a professional working person.
I just said clearly if he was not happy and I will return is full deposit back and he can have his all full deposit and all money back and reminded him that he was aware that not many tenants rent properties to dss.

Then he said it fine and I offered to the tenant his deposit money back. As I would not like to have problems later.

He said agreed with tenancy and said thank you and looking forward. I hope now all goes ok.

So are you renting to him or not ?

Hi Collin
I am renting to him. As I am always clear upfront in writing.
I got a good reference from his employees so I hope all goes ok. He is on furloughed but and less hours so that’s why he will need some housing benefit and remainder paying 6 months in advance.

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so hes not on dss then

She said he will be topped up with housing benefit. So still a benefit

Now it’s called universal credit so it’s benefits.
People who are on lower income they do apply for universal credit and calculate how much individual would get.

So yes it’s housing benefit.

I think it would be good idea for openrent to remove DSS as that term is not used any more to my knowledge or change to universal credit UC or and on housing allowances.

I have also spoken to universal department too.

Hi Prafula, we use the specific term ‘DSS’ because we ran a survey of tenants who claim benefits and that was the term that the highest number of respondents understood to mean renting while on benefits. The benefit system changes quite often and it is important to use a term that everyone understands.

It’s true that there has been no Department of Social Security for 19 years, but the same is true here: government departments change their name very quickly.

For example, everyone calls a car service an MOT, but the Ministry of Transport hasn’t existed since 1970 (50 years ago).

I hope that explains why we chose to use the phrase DSS instead of UC or LHA.

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Thank you. That’s true as well

good example about the MOT