1st DSS enquiry

Hi, I have a couple of private rentals & always avoided DSS. I have a property available atm with an enquiry asking if I accept DSS. I need info, peoples experience on DSS tenants, pros & cons? What do I need to know? Rock & hard place for me Always gone for professional/working ppl however, I’m mindful peoples situation has changed of late. DSS doesn’t make any one a bad tenant. Struggling with my conscience. Property is in desirable area/high council tax, again - not suggesting DSS tenants should be in less desirable areas.

there is a very long thread on this elsewhere you should read, I think Sandra was the poster


Isn’t the usual requirement that the potential tenants have an income of three times the rental rate ?
Would the tenants be in recipient of that ?


Thanks Peter, that’s helpfuI I think your right, I’ve had further info from the prospective tenant and it’s unlikely they will meet 3x rental. I just feel so bad as benefits shouldn’t hinder a person and so many people are needing govt support they never have needed it before.

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Thanks Graham , I’ve had a scroll around. I’ll look for Sandra’s post & hopefully educate myself .

its called “First Hand Experience of DSS Council Tenant” and its Sally, not Sandra

Its a business deal and don’t let emotion come into it . They will probably regard you as being a money grabbing parasite who sits at home all day counting their (their money, not yours) money , their money that they go and and work for , just to pay your mortgage and if it wasn’t for you living in the house, the council would give it to them for free .
That is the attitude of many tenants on DSS

What a dreadful assumption! I am hosting refugees looking for accommodation who are on DHSS, who would not assume that. One dentist, one solicitor. Nor would many people. A lot of professional people end up on DHSS.

i think your comment escapsulates your own personality, beautifully. I bet you have no qualifications but ended up as a tradesman, and your comments are stating exactly what your views are.

I was once on DHSS, with two small children of 1 and 3, due to my husbands inability to keep it in his pants. (A normal male affliction, if i am to make assumptions!)
I am a midwife, 2 First class degrees and a masters. DHSS claiments are not thick as bricks, or without common sense, nor are they all out to rip off their landlord. Sadly thst is not the same sentiment of many landlords, who seem quite happy to rip off renters.


Do you see how ironic your point of view is? The pot is calling the kettle black…

Tradesmen would actually be in a far better position to be able to assess the characteristics of the average DSS tenant given the volume they would see.

There are always exceptions and not everyone should be tarred with same brush though reputation proceeds and for good reason…

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What do you mean “ended up a tradesman” I am a tradesman Joiner and loved it for 50 years .It helped make me very , very well off. I think that says a lot about your attitude . Do you realise that in the last 2 years TRADESMEN are earning £300 a day P S no qualifications ? I passed all my exams in higher education at college but always wanted to be joiner , never wanted to be “promoted”.


Mark10 Spot on > I have worked i 100 s of landlords property s and privately owned, seen a huge range of different people and attitudes

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I’m afraid to say most of the ones that don’t want to work most definitely are.

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Exactly why I said it… do you not understand the IRONY of the comment. I am assuming all landlords are not all tradesman, in the same way all DHSS claiments do not think landlords sit on their arse raking in the money…

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You should be clear with your statements, nobody else thinks is either.

Do you not realise, yet, many claiments are working but due to our govts crap policies, erosion of employees rights … that the govt now have to subsidise those on low wages, zero hrs jobs, while employers rake it in!!

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Yes i have realised the irony is lost …

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I applaud you for your choices. My comment a out tradesmen was not a serious suggestion … i was being ironic, of course all landlords are not tradesmen. In the same way all claiments do not think landlords sit on their arses.

My comments about landlords being just tradesmen, did provoke a response and defense. DHSS claiments need defending, people are different. My friend claims DHSS, the NHS burnt her out from both ends. Is it that she was lazy??

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A persons opinion will always be biased based on their exposure to that group. Research rent arrears for DSS claimants.

I’ve have first hand experience of this group and I generally avoid it. Trouble, risk and hassle. Though I do have a disabled tenant on benefits.

Are all the same? Of course not. Unfortunately I don’t have a crystal ball to know in advance. When a ll has choice, as a business i will always take the low risk option.

Read the horror thread of someone experience of DSS tenants… lengthy thread and worth a read.

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I worked for the NHS in Norfolk as a midwife, on a 2 year contract, and rented my home in Dorset to a supposedly checked ‘professional’ tenant, via letting agent, the guy was bankrupt. The agent was useless.

My work in Norfolk was full time community midwifery. I had very little time to deal with an errant tenant or agent. Ended up with a £14,000 bill, legal expenses plus owed rent. My salary was £32000. My rent was £800 in Norfolk. I spent two years working for minus £200 per month, excluding owed money.

I still do not assume all DHSS or professional people or letting agents are all shits. I would rent my home again. I do not make the assumptions others make because there is no point in living like that.

Ps The job was amazing, no regrets!

My friends worst ever tenant was a doctor. The place was a complete pig sty, garden wrecked, furniture and kitchen ruined, rent arrears and impossible to get hold of. Left after a long struggle to evict. He still only rents to professionals (big landlord, done it all).

If you play the stats the stats will always win in the long game.

If you were betting on the winner of the 100 meters, would you bet on the one who’s won 8 out of the last 10 races, or an outsider?

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