Display 'proof of ownership' status on website

Why wouldn’t Openrent display ‘proof of ownership’ status on their website. I’m a landlord and a proud owner of my flat but I’ve been asked this question many times and am tired answering it! It also clear that the majority of potential tenants are not aware that properties that are listed on the Rightmove site have gone through proof of ownership verification checks.


I have been asked about this a few times previously by prospective tenants and as a consequence now offer to show proof of ownership to tenants who are likely to progress to having an AST. I show them my Title from the Land Registry with the reference and tell them that they can request a copy from LR directly for a small fee that they charge. I also show them my passport. This has always done the trick and tenants mighty pleased and comfortable that they are dealing with a genuine owner/landlord.


Landlords should always show proof of ownership / proof of a right to let before receiving funds, but I agree that this should be slmething required by Openrent when listing properties.

You should tell tenants to check the land registry as that is the only way they can really find out, and they need to understand the process the UK records property ownership, and they should pay to get title copies directly from land registry. Anything we as landlords give them could be frauds so the only way for them to check is go directly.


You can’t require the tenant to pay for a service like that. Its in breach of the Tenant Fees Act.

I have never been asked to prove I own a place by a tenant. If I was asked I can show the deeds . If they want a quicker answer they can ask land registry for a few quid , up to them.


Rightmove were happy to accept a letter from my solicitor saying I had exchanged contracts on my purchase.

Having now completed the purchase, there is a big backlog of properties waiting to be registered with Land Registry. It can take many weeks or even months before the Title Register has your name on it after completion.

I don’t require them to do anything. if they want proof of ownership, they can pay to get it. £2?


This is how scammers get a foothold. Landlords not willing to give basic information before asking the tenant for sums often in excess of £2000.

It’s not something I’ve ever been asked for. I obvioously have a ‘trusting looking face’ :slight_smile:


Yes that’s what I say to tenants. Check with them
Land registry for them to be 100% sure for themselves.

As landlord have to pay for reference check and
cannot charge and it’s fair that the Tenants pay for
themselves for landlord reference for proof of ownership.


? The only way they can get the info is go to Land Registry directly. Anything provided directly from me could easily be forged. Going back to the source is the most secure way. So your way of letting people think they can rely on landlords is the scammer foothold.

The landlord can say to the tenant " you want to know if I own the property? go to Land registry yourself ,you pay them a few quid and they will tell you" The landlord gets no fee This is a fee paid to land registry so cannot breach the tenant fee act. If they are reluctant to do that or moan about it you do not want them as a tenant


You could give the tenant a copy of the insurance certificate for the property and give the insurance company permission to verify its currency with the tenant. Its unlikely that many scammers are going to bother insuring a property they dont own. Thats why Rightmove accept this form of evidence.

Its not just ownership though. Some landlords are not the owners and have to find other ways of proving their right to let it.