Proof of property ownership from Landlord

What checks do OpenRent carry out to ensure that the Landlord is allowed to rent out their property, and as a prospective Tenant can I request that the Landlord show some ID and proof of ownership e.g. recent letter from the bank?

I want to avoid properties that are being sublet and would prefer to rent a property that is owned directly by the private Landlord. I would probably want to see some proof at the viewing or before proceeding to contract stage. Are most Landlords happy to do this?


dont know what there policy is but i was asked for proof of property ownership

I would also like to know this too… any info welcome.

If in doubt, ask. i am a landlord and would not be bothered if asked. But I never had been… Remember too that Rightmove wont list a property to rent unless they have seen proof of ownership

I had to upload a copy of the Land Registry document showing ownership onto OpenRent before Rightmove (I think it was) would list it. So that is proof of ownership.