Do I have to have rent now option?

Hi, I’m just about to put my first advert on OpenRent - do I have to have the Rent Now option? I really wouldn’t want people applying for the property straight away, we usually have quite a few who want to view and then cherry pick the best tenant in our opinion after seeing everyone from the people who say they want it. Does Rent Now mean someone applies and they have then paid an application fee meaning the listing is frozen until I have dealt with that one tenant? Thanks.

Hi Betty,

Thanks for your post! I can see my colleague George has already replied to the email you sent us, I hope that explains that there is no obligation to use any of our services and that multiple applications are possible.

If you need any more info before publishing your advert, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

More info here:

Yes, Elinor, where is George’s response to Betty and please supply details of how “Rent Now” can be disabled?

IMHO this a feature that has the potential to get a landlord in a great deal of trouble as anyone can activate it without the landlord’s knowledge, let alone consent, and as OpenRent are acting for the Principal, the landlord, it is the landlord who carries the legal liability for the holding fee, not OpenRent.

Thank you.

Hi Mandy, thanks for your reply.

The ‘Rent Now’ tab cannot be disabled on any of our adverts, however it is an optional service.

Lots of landlord’s successfully advertise their properties on OpenRent without using Rent Now, though the majority do prefer to use the tenancy creation service we offer.

Before placing a holding deposit, the tenant has to confirm to us that they have viewed the property and/or that the application to rent the property has been discussed with the landlord.

If you haven’t already, we would advise giving our Help Centre articles a read which should fully explain how you are able set up a tenancy without using Rent Now.

If you have any more questions feel free to drop us an email at