Do Local Lockdowns Actually Affect the Rental Market?

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Last week, 13 million Brits fell under new, local lockdown measures. Should landlords with properties in these areas wait until after the lockdown is lifted to advertise? No – and here’s why. Tenants Wants to Move – Even During Local Lockdowns Research from OpenRent has found that tenants don’t stop looking for homes, even when local lockdowns…

I concur. It’s busier than ever in Greater Manchester. 36 enquires in 3 days for a 1 bed flat on the outskirts. Some not so good, but in the main, really good applicants. Chose the tenant after just 1 day of viewings. Fabulous credit history, great jobs & a brilliant guarantor to boot. Sure we have to take special measures when doing the viewings, but it’s not really so bad to wear a mask, ask people not to touch stuff & then give it a wipe over after. I’d rather do that than lose £100s each month in lost rent.