Is 18 Viewing Requests in 3 Days Normal? Timing for Ad Posting?

Hello !

I’m relatively new to the rental property scene and would appreciate some advice.

I recently put up an ad for a flat that will become available in 3 weeks. Since posting it three days ago, I’ve received 18 requests for viewings. Is this amount of interest typical, or should I be concerned about something I might be overlooking?

Additionally, I wanted to ask about the timing of my ad. Is three weeks before the availability date a good timeframe to start advertising, or should I have posted it sooner or later?

Any insights or experiences you could share would be greatly appreciated!

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unsure if you were expecting more or fewer requests than 18 in 3 days. It’s impossible for us to judge because we don’t know anything about the listing.

Generally, as soon as I know a property will be available on a certain date, I start advertising. Can’t start too early in my opinion.

Openrent suggests 4 weeks and for London less than that. I tried to 6 weeks once ( during Covid) had confirmed 16 viewings an no one turned up . Peaple were not prepared to wait that long. I tried 2 weeks once ( London) and it worked well.
My question was partly answered by a report openrent just generated showing the stats for my area and compering other listings.
Many thanks for your time.

Why did they have to wait? You can run viewings with a leaving tenant in place. But, yeah, if you’ve got a place undergoing refurbishment or in a bad state of repair, you’re best waiting until it’s in a fit state to view.

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I always use the contracts prepared by openrent and must have missed the part allowing me to show the place when its still witha tenant .
I dont live in London no more so have to wait till a tenant moves out to start showning the place.

In London, I advertise 3 days before it’s available, not 3 weeks. Most people applying want to move in immediately, and are looking at multiple properties.

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Thank you that is very helpful .

Just wonder how people do this . I would assume people are giving notice or are given notice and start looking for a place.

Just trying to understand it better.