Do we need to find replacements for our rooms at the end of a joint fixed term tenency?

Hi all,

Lots of great advice on here! Wondering if you can help?

Our joint fixed term tenency agreement ends on the 30th September and 3 of us (out of 6 housemates) are planning to move out then. We intend to give the Landlord notice but worried if we need to find people to take our rooms? This shouldn’t be the case since we are leaving at the end of our fixed joint tenency agreement, right? The rent has become too high (rent has fallen in the area in the last few months) and the last person to move out found it insanely difficult to get someone to replace him.


Hi Denise, thanks for your question. It’s an important one!

Here’s how it works.

In a joint Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST - the most common type of tenancy in England and Wales), when the fixed term is over, any of the tenants can serve notice according to the provisions in the agreement.

E.g. if the agreement says you must give two months’ notice, then you must give two months’ notice. You can give the notice before the fixed term expires, too, as long as it expires after fixed term is over.

As soon as the notice period expires, the tenancy is terminated for all parties: for you, your co-tenents and your landlord. You will no longer have legal possession of the property, have to pay the rent, or have any duties or responsibilities as tenants.

If some tenants wish to keep on in the property, then they will have to sign up to a new tenancy agreement with the landlord. If you give notice however, then there will be able time to set this up so it kicks in on the day after the current tenancy ends.

If you are moving out after the fixed term expires, then you won’t have to find a replacement. You can simply terminate the tenancy as described above. Who lives in the property after that is none of your business. The new tenants and landlord will have to come to an agreement.

You can find out lots more about ending tenancies here: