Notice of ending tennnacy query


We are landlords and our tennants are coming to the end of thier tennancy in 2 days, and have just called to tell us they do not want to continue the contract and will be moving out immediatley. Looking at the open rent contract it says that if the tennancy is within the fixed term the landlord may serve notice to the tennant with 2 months notice but nothing about the occupants serving the landlord notice. Unless the fixed term has passed and they are on a periodic tenanncy in which case they must give 1 months notice.
I’ve never not had tennants give 1 months notice before moving, however they seem to believe that due to the contract being a fixed term they do not have to. Please help?

I have seen Sam at Open Rent explain on here a few times of late that what your tenants say is in fact the case now.
I was also surprised as thought the same as you. No idea if the law has changed on that one fairly recently. Would be interesting to know.

so a few weeks ago did you not ask if they were going to stay or not?

The tenant is legally correct. A fixed term tenancy will expire when the contract says it does and if they move out before that date, a new periodic tenancy will not arise and they will owe no further rent. No notice is legally required.