Do you think the private rented sector needs to be improved?

Hello all,

I am a University Student also working as a property manager and am renting a property at the moment. I am currently doing a research project into ways to improve the private rented sector and would be very grateful to any of you who might complete my short survey (10 questions). Your answers would provide valuable insight!

Below is a link to the online survey.

Thank you in advance
Jack (University College of Estate Management)

the biggest improvement would be for housing benefit to be paid direct to the landlord and not to the tenant

Oh the good old days…

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when more landlords “escape” from the private rental sector then the goverment may see sense. Not in my lifetime I fear. Meanwhile housing associations are owed millions , whilst their directors are on a real good salary Ironiclly quite a few of them are private landlords!!

It’s odd this has all happened under a Tory government
Most MP’s are Landlord’s
My father sold up in the 60s because of legislative changes and then bought up again in the 80s
I think the same will happen

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the really annoying thing is that housing associations are not subject to the rules for the private sector

Not sure who designed your questionnaire, but the questions are leading and not sure you will get any useful data out of them. You didn’t manage to capture my views on the issues or potential improvements required. You may like to know that I think the biggest issue with the private sector is time and cost of evicting tenants who break their agreements.

Thank you all for your comments and insight! It is greatly appreciated :smiley:

Hi Caitlin,
Thank you for your reply!
I wrote the questionnaire myself. Admittedly I haven’t written one before, could possibly elaborate on how you feel the questions are leading (it isn’t my intention so your insight would be very useful!) I am sorry you feel the questionnaire doesn’t capture your views, I did try to include ‘other’ answers with possibilities to manually input viewpoints that I had not considered or found from my initial literature review.


When you publish a survey it is always useful to run a pilot to iron out issues
You could treat this as a pilot and modify it according to needs

Thank you for your reply A_A, I did run a pilot prior to posting here but didn’t get any feedback relating to leading questions. Still interested to know which Caitlin felt were leading as it may help me improve future versions.

Thanks again all for your replies/completed surveys! :smiley:

Hi Jack

A different Caitlin here… I just completed your survey and whilst some questions were fine and will probably provide you with data you can use, I see what the other Caitlin means.

The questions won’t really give you tangible feedback as you are asking whether people agree or disagree to very broad, general statements. For example I was asked whether I agreed or disagreed that landlords and tenants have a good relationship - I can only answer for myself based on my own experiences so perhaps the question should be presented in this way.

You are also asking 2+ groups the same question but they have very opposing viewpoints so if it were me, I’d have slightly different surveys depending on who (landlord or tenant) is responding and tailor your questions specifically to that audience. I would also go a bit more macro with the questions - that way you are likely to tease out the root of people’s feelings and gain better insight for your research.

For help take a look at these forums and pick out hot topics among your survey groups and ask for opinions about those - for example there was no mention about renting with pets in your survey and eeeeeeveryone is fighting about that.

I hope this helps in your studies and best of luck!

This is already an option, simply ask your local council to send payments direct to your landlord, The landlord can also ring them and request this.

I mean payments sent WITHOUT the tenant having any say in it. This does not happen now. Right from the start of rent payments, agreement from the council that the rent portion goes to the landlord as SOON as a tenancy agreement is signed, direct to the landlord. I will NEVER have U C tenants because of this The tenant has to be 2 months behind in rent and the council MAY pay directly and in ARREARS. Fair? No I stand by my view , no DSS ( u c)

Instead of ruling out housing benefit tenants I would consider asking those with this situation to request the rent to be paid directly to the landlord.

Declining those on UC in my eyes is discrimination as we all have circumstances and there is a reason behind why one is claiming UC… Unless of course their just a bum, which you spot right away when meeting them.

My view on this is that a landlord is more secure and guaranteed their rent from housing benefits without risk, A tenant who works may lost their job and then have no income to pay their rent.

we all have our own preferences and all discriminate in choice of friends ,supermarkets, political parties, food, leaders cars ,List is endless . I have done o k so far in my choices and so will continue in that line. It works for me

I thought this was the case too, but from the many posts I have read on here, it would appear the tenant can change this at any point.

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There is a nightmare that was posted on this forum about UC and what a tenant and her father were able to do
Tenants can withdraw payment
Right now there is no real certainty in any type of tenant

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Hey guys!

Thanks again for all who have responded (and thanks for those who’ve given advice re my surveying!), i’ve been blown away by all the responses and got some great data. Keep the responses coming! :smiley: