Document to be given to Tenants at the start of tenancy

Are these the documents which a landlord needs to give to the tenants at the start of the tenancy?

  1. Tenancy Agreement
  2. Inventory
  3. Gas Safety Certificate
  4. EPC
  5. How to Rent Guide
  6. Details of the agency where the deposit is registered (I am using OpenRent to create tenancy. Hope they will send all the details of the deposit scheme).

Does the landlord need to give EICR to the tenant?

Yes, you have to give the EICR report. You also have to give the deposit Prescribed Information, not just tell them where its located.

I strongly recommend you join the NRLA and look at their checklists rather than winging it. The consequences of omitting one of the steps can be very serious.

Thanks @David122.

OpenRent is doing the tenancy creation.
Will OpenRent not guide me about the documents I need to provide to tenants?

This is the list I have s far:-

  1. Tenancy Agreement (hope Open Rent will provide)
  2. Deposit Registration document (hope Open Rent will provide)
  3. EICR
  4. EPC
  5. Gas Safety
  6. How to Rent Guide (hope Open Rent will provide this)
  7. Right to Rent check (not sure whether I need to provide them any documents after this).
  8. Inventory (old tenant is moving out and new tenant is moving in on the same day, so can be done only after new tenants move in)

Hope I have not missed anything.
I am planning to join NRLA as well soon.

The deposit documents include the certificate prescribed information and terms and conditions
You can download this from the respective scheme
How to rent guide

If you are not sure serve them yourselves so you don’t run into problems later on

Date right to rent check ( I photograph and email it to myself )

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Unless Openrent have signed the waiver to say that they will accept legal liability for the right to rent check then the landlord is still liable.

Is Openrent protecting the deposit? I would recommend doing this yourself. In any event, the deposit PI needs to be signed by you the landlord.

Have you paid for the Rent Now Service ? If so, OpenRent will set up the tenancy contract, set up the deposit and serve the papers for that. They also send an up to date How to Rent guide.
What they don’t do is gas safety, electrical safety, inventory and Right to rent.
Look up Rent Now on this this site.

The instruction manuals for any appliances, boiler and thermostat etc. Otherwise you may be liable for any misuse apparently.