Does openrent supply all certificates & guide to rent

I’m new here, so learning.

Once a tenant places deposit, openrent forward the tenants all the certificates & guide to rent?

Also is the deposit automatically registered?

Their website isn’t well designed and nightmare to see what they actually provide.

I have a friends who’s rented through openrent and he’s telling me no certificates or guides were given to him

Are you using rent now service?

If you pay £49 for Rent Now then OpenRent set up the tenancy contract and supply How to Rent documents and deposit certificates.
It is up to you to either supply or upload to your tenancy page the rest eg. Gas safety, EICR, EPC etc

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Thanks Steve. I’ve uploaded all the certificates already to openrent.

I’ve paid the £49 so openrent should send the tenants all the documents?

Will they be sent to all the tenants on the contract?

The deposit PI must be given to the tenant with the landlords signature within 30 days of deposit receipt. If not, the tenant can claim a penalty of up to 3x the deposit value. I suggest you serve a copy of the Prescribed Information yourself now to be safe.

If you have uploaded all the documents then they will be available for your tenant to download from their own OpenRent account.


The tenants are also separately emailed the prescribed information regarding the deposit. OpenRent send both of you emails to this effect as you go through the process. They do have it covered, have used several times.

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Hi @J114 - Thanks for posting.

Yes, OpenRent does guide landlords through the tenancy creation process step-by-step. It’s complicated, and there are lots of different paths depending on where your property is located, the number of tenants, the type of let (room/student/HMO/property), how long until move in, the result of references, etc etc.

Providing an up-front guide for every single scenario would be a document so long, nobody would read it! But an overview of our tenancy creation service (Rent Now) is here: Rent Now: Better Tenancy Creation | OpenRent.

To confirm your documents are all uploaded you can:

  1. Go to your tenancy dashboard
  2. Pick your specific tenancy (in case you have more than one)
  3. Scroll down until you see: “Manage Tenancy Documents” and click
  4. You’ll see a list of all the documents related to your tenancy and sent to the tenants

You will also have been sent email confirmation with the subject: “New documents uploaded for…”.


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