Adding a new tenant to an existing tenancy

I have a Tennant that wants to add a new Tennant to the property and the Tenancy agreement.
Openrent have suggested set up a new Tenancy agreement, I don’t want to do this as Tenancy is in place and deposits have been held.
Surely there should be a simpler way to do this via openrent

You need to do a new contract and start all over again
You can charge £50 to the tenant for administration if you have a clause in contract that refers to this charge or an accurate reflection of charges.
You will need to start as if from day 1.
you will need to ask the tenants to clean the house, and redo inventory, deposits serving documents, checking alarms etc

you can also increase rent to reflect wear and tear for another person

You could use a deed of assignment but it won’t save you much paperwork and you would still need to deal with the deposit. You also won’t be able to do that through openrent. Will the extra person make it an HMO?

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