Does OpenRent stop agents from listing on the site?

OpenRent advertises as being a direct link between landlords and tenants, but at least a couple of times now I’ve seen agents listing properties. Does OpenRent do anything to prevent lettings agents advertising on the site or are they allowed?

Hi Laura, letting agents are not allowed to post properties to rent on OpenRent. If you see that happening, it would be really helpful for us if you could press the report listing button on the advert so our team can investigate.

What will sometimes happen, however, is that a landlord may get help from someone else or a property management company to initially let their property; for example, if a landlord doesn’t live near the property or has mobility challenges and so cannot conduct the viewings themselves, they may have help showing the property to tenants. If we see that a specific landlord has given written permission for this, then we allow it on the site.

If what you saw was just a letting agent using OpenRent to find tenants, then please do report it!

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I just come across one of those rentting a propriety pretending to be the landlord when in fact they where just another annoying estate agent, attached is a print of what happen. i have reported them!


Hi Filipe, thanks for reporting a user you suspect not to be following the terms of use on the OpenRent site.

As I mentioned above, sometimes landlords will not be able to perform the viewings themselves (due to location, health, disability, etc.) and may use a management company to do this and other jobs such as repairs.

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