Dog mess in the garden

Hi, I’m new to being a landlord so please go careful with me. I’ve just been round to the house that I rent ( as needed to repair a fence) and noticed there is loads of dog poo on the grass. I’m thinking of writing to the tenants ( who are currently away) explaining that this needs to cleared and kept clear going forward. Just wondered if anyone else had encountered this and if so whether you did anything different………I guess it’s one of the drawbacks of allowing pets!. Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that it’s probably not the first time tenants have left dog mess out on the lawn.

Problem is of course it’s gets trodden through nice carpet.

A reminder of responsibility doesn’t hurt, but pets and muck go hand in hand.

the pet owners are going to get on this now.

Think that is reasonable to write to them. Not hard to clear it up every day surely.

Depends how bad your back is :slight_smile:

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I think you probably need to make an agreement with them about how the mess is cleaned up and disposed of. If you allow pets then this is something you should have done in the original contract but it is not too late to get it amended by mutual consent. They should clean it all up at least once a week, but then the question is what do they do with it? Depending on your local council bin collection policy (ours won’t take the bins if there is dog poo in them) you need to agree how they dispose of it, e.g. clean up weekly and take to nearest dog poo bin. How do you know they aren’t piling it all up behind the shed?

I totally agree with Graham that cleaning up the dog mess should have been sorted before they moved in. Do they still sell those doggie compost toilets that places like Argos used to sell? I believe that it was a plastic box that was dug into the ground and a chemical added to it on a regular basis, then the poop was put into it and rotted down

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I have just checked and dog composting toilets are still available to buy. Your tenants just need to buy the toilet, which is about £60, then, once it is dug into the ground just put the dog poop in it and it will rot away.

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that is a good idea .i had not heard of that

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