Door strip between rooms

The tenant is wanting me to ask my handyman to buy and replace the strip between 2 rooms as it has become dangerous. She has lived there for 1 year now and it was fine when she moved in.

Is this my responsibility as landlord or should I ask her to make her own arrangements and if she wants to use my handyman that is fine but she need to pay for this herself or should I pay for this?

I never know where to draw the line!

I have already paid out for a brand new TV aerial as the old one was faulty and replaced some tiles in the bathroom that became loose and a new strip along the bath and sealant.

I would be interested to hear your views.


I always replace the strips myself as it also gives you chance to check out the place

If you have a good tenant whats the problem in doing minor repairs. especially if you are getting a good rent

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I know its just we are not in the UK and cannot fly at the moment due to covid otherwise yes it would be a good opportunity. Its just frustrating as it has been one thing after the other for the past couple of months. But you are right I will contact her.


Yes, it is absolutely your responsibility to repair anything that has become dangerous. If the handyman tells you that it is because of mis-use by the tenant, then you tell them that you will be seeking compensation from their deposit when they leave.