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Hi, my first or second time here so hopefully in the right place and can keep to the point but is long to explain properly.

We’re new to this rental and it’s a bit shabby but we’re happy and making it a home. Two things we reported to the landlord’s agent 1) none of the doors close properly and need a bit shaving off - maybe an extra coat if paint has caused it, don’t know but the bathroom one bothers me re privacy. 2) The shower head must have been replaced at some stage but the cheap plastic holder was not reokaced therefore we suspect that tge new shower head is bigger than the old, cracked and the first time I touched it, gently, it broke. My husband has glued it and said be careful.

He doesn’t think these things are going to be actioned, while I know if we were the landlords, we would sort it. They have a contract with the property co. (and use the property co’s maintenance man where they can ie not for gas issues) so when we need something we contact them, and they contact him for authorisation.

Am I being petty in wanting these things fixed? We are paying the going rate for rent, etc.

I think it’s reasonable to expect to be able to close the doors.

A shower head isn’t that expensive in the greater scheme of things so I think a landlord should replace it, especially for the first time.

Take photos of it for any future reference.

If the agent is sending people to do the repairs the landlord may not necessarily know that cheap materials, such as the plastic ill-fitting shower head, are being used.

They are possibly charging him over the odds for the job.

But if the whole place is on the shabby side could be the landlord is not bothered about keeping things in good condition himself.

Sorry just noticed that you said the shower holder, not the shower head, but take photos of both, especially if the size and weight of the shower head has caused the plastic to crack.

These things don’t last forever landlords should be prepared to fix these things.

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Thanks. So afraid of seeming demanding lol, wso being new and there’s virtually nothing else around.

I can guarantee it will look better, cleaner when we leave than when we entered - we’ve been homeowners and really look after things.

It could be a first let as I understand he inherited this and another from his grandmother.

The agent is hopeless, too, not very bright. Thanks for your replies. I think I’ll give it a bit longer nefore chasing up.

I am a landlord just tell him about these problems A new shower rail and holder is not a big deal. Doors never get better, a good joiner can ease them in under a day . Tell him These are insignificant in cost to him


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