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Description and key photo not showing on Rightmove or Zoopla after 6 Hours?

I placed my first ad using OPENRENT last evening. All entered fine. Today I have checked both Rightmove and Zoopla to find my description to be missing and a key photo showing the house Garage to be missing. I have read and understand that the description and some photos are to be vetted first which can take up to 6 hours, but we are now past that. As it stands the RM and Z adverts have absolutely no mention of the garage, as its in my description, and no indication as the Garage photo isn’t included. This will reduce the initial appeal impact. I have contacted OpenRent Help, ans await a reply. Does anyone else have a similar experience and did it get sorted? Thanks.

I dont think they work weekends . Be patient it will happen.

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I’ve just gone live on OpenRent, Right Move & Zoopla and have noticed that Right Move & Zoopla only allow 10 photos which I didn’t realise. They’ve missed one of the main kitchen photos in preference for a picture of the Oval park opposite and just one picture of the kitchen sink area. It’s a large kitchen and this can’t be seen! I have now deleted a couple of photos on Open Rent in the hope that Right Move & Zoopla will put the relevant kitchen photo on so fingers crossed?!

Hey guys I would just wait a few days, all your photos and correct description will update in time. Mine took about two to three days to be updated on all portals and I had 13 photos.


You’re right Jason - all good now and many thanks for your reply.


I’m having the same issue. Very annoying that there is no one you can speak to in order to fix this. Does anyone have a direct number for them?

I’ve changed the picture count to under 10 and updated the listing, as I read over 10 pictures might be a problem, but the issue remains. Also, no description either. Frustrating.

If anyone has resolved a similar issue please do let me know.