Ealing landlord - Daver Court

Hi all,

I just wanted to alert people to a dishonest landlord on open rent. We viewed a 3 bed flat and placed a holding deposit. We went through references and passed everything. Then the landlord was slow to process the next step so I contacted him and received a reply to say he had accepted another offer. So it looks like he accepted our offer and then took another. We actually have a 3 year old child and nowhere to live now come Oct 23rd. I feel this is incredibly low to do this so please anyone considering this area be careful.

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You should be able to get your holding deposit back though? This is poor conduct and communication from a landlord. Unfortunately without a signed contract, I don’t think you can get anything more than that. I live in Ealing and the rental market is pretty difficult for renters right now as demand is significantly more than supply. Hope you find something, good luck!

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