Wondering about deposit

Hi everyone! today I had a view and honestly the flat is very good but the landlord told us that we should pay the deposit of 1600 £ to show our interest and since he has many requests then he will evaluate who to choose among the potential tenants (who have already paid the deposit) in the event that he does not choose us, he will give us the deposit back. is my first experience with open rent but is all this normal? Thanks

how do you know if anyone else has paid a deposit and if they have ,more fool them > Do not do it

Sounds very dodgy to me.

A holding deposit can’t be more than a week’s rent and a landlord cannot legally take more than one deposit.

If the property is advertised through Openrent, I would report the listing. There will be a button at the bottom of the ad on the Openrent website.

I wouldn’t do it. Has he offered you proof that he owns or has permission to let the property?

Stay well away, dodgy as hell

Don’t do it. Yes you could get a receipt and proof of ownership and all that other stuff but the person sounds either a) very dodgy or b) very incompetent. Either way, you may find it impossible to get your ‘deposit’ back. No decent landlord would operate in this way.

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