Early termination by the tenant


I live in Wales so I’m trying to wrap my head around the new laws. My tenant has given notice that he wants to leave and terminate the contract. However he only signed a 6 month contract extension last month. What is the minimum period he can give? I just read text below online. Is it really only 4 weeks he needs to give?

“Under these terms, a contract-holder is allowed to end a contract by giving the landlord four weeks’ notice. If the contract-holder leaves their home on or before the date specified in the notice, the contract ends on that date. If the contract-holder stays in their home after that date, the contract ends on the date that they leave their home, or, if a court makes an order for possession, on the date which is decided under term relating to the Effect of order for possession. If the contract-holder’s notice is withdrawn and the landlord does not object, the contract does not end.”

Are you sure you want to continue being a landlord in Wales under these terms?

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I lived in Wales but I would not be a landlord there the devolved goverment are anti anyone having more than one property they have too much power.

I think I might have got it wrong. As he’s in a fixed term I think he’s liable for the rent.

But your point is valid. Being a landlord in Wales is just not worth the effort anymore.