EDF Gas And Electric Bill Increased- SO MUCH? London

Tenants who live in the property use EDF suppliers for gas and electricity.
Last April changed to Smart Meter thinking this would save money for tenants

If anything it feels like it is more expensive.
So far they have been paying £ 292.00 - EBSS £ 65.00 from the UK government which i believe is finishing from March 2023.

I have just checked on their website and now they are increasing again to 349.?!

After reviewing your Direct Debit on 18 January 2023 , your monthly energy payments went up from £292 to £349 (as of 12 February 2023 ).

Is this normal -or EDF are just charging what they want?
I wonder what other tenants are paying these days -if only 2 people live in the flat?

cos i thinking of changing supplier


Energy prices have gone up and everyone is paying the same so changing provider wont do anything …does seem a lot though for 2 in a flat unless its very old with poor insulation.

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ok…but is there any way of knowing what is like the average bill ?

Your gas meter isn’t currently connected to the network so we can’t show your gas use.

is this like the normal message that gas is not connected?

Normal bill based on average use is £2,500 per year under current government guarantee. A flat would normally be below this but will depend insulation etc.

Thats not a normal message. Assuming your property actually has gas then maybe tenants have had it disconnected and using electric heaters? Electric is 3 times cost of gas so would explain high bills.

Best to speak to tenant and ask to look at their bills assuming they are complaining at high costs.

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They could ask for an account where they pay either monthly or quarterly based on actual usage rather than a fixed direct debit.

The gas message is simply indicating that the Smart Meter for Gas is not currently communicating with the system. It can take about a month for it to communicate properly- it could be a fault but you need to give it a bit longer. The tenants still have gas and there will still be daily charges and usage charges. The bill increase is a change to the monthly DD. I expect that when they changed the meter they realised usage was a little higher and the DD needed adjusting. What I am confused about is why you are seeing the reading not the tenant. The bill payer should have the website account set up. I guess you are looking with them.

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