Gas issue from main supplier

Hi guys
Tennant contact me couple of weeks ago that hot water doesn’t work . No problem I sent there plumber/ heating guy and he told me that there isn’t supply of gas to the property. Which seemed strange because Tennant move there in march and everything was fine . I tried to call edf but they wouldn’t give me any information because I don’t live there . I gave Tennant number to edf with hope that she will sort it out . I didn’t get any update on this so i thought edf has fixed it . In few weeks i need to book yearly gas service and tennat told that she still doesn’t have hot water and cant reach EDF.
What can i do to help Tennant sort this asasp ? I think because hurdle is that her English is not so good .

Any help is much appreciated

Tenant needs to be persistent and speak with gas supplier. You could ask them to advise supplier that they are happy to allow you or someone else to speak on their behalf. This could just be a billing issue.

Make sure you record all this and any failed attempts to get gas tested. Put things in writing. Protect yourself.

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If the gas has been cut-off then this is more than just a case of the tenant struggling with English or not getting around to it. You need to get a grip of this situation immddiately. You cant get a gas safety cert unless there is a supply. I would schedule a daytime visit when the tenant is in and call the energy supplier with them present to try to resolve this.

Also inspect the meter, see if there is a capping off notice.

I had a tenant who didn’t pay his bill and the utility company capped meter. After multiple attempts to get him to reactivate and him failing to I spoke with local council advising of the situation, they sent him letters but he ignored them. You need to record three attempts of attempting to resolve this.

Thank you for advise. Tenant emailed me that problem has been fixed by EDF . Still don’t know what the issue was but at least its fixed and boiler check is booked

I would check it via an inspection if I were you.

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