Emotional support animals

I still cant get my head around ESA. I understand that people like pets, myself included. But what grates is the mentality of those who feel as though they are special and normal rules don’t apply to them because they a have a piece of paper that says that they have been advised that an ESA will help them feel a little less stressed. (Until the day Tiddles croaks it and then presumably their world will fall apart and stress will be off the scale, which to me suggests they should find other more long term solution to feeling less stressed). I mean, it’s just ridiculous. It’s just another me me me scenario.

In my experience, theres many people that just relish labelling themselves as sick and milk it for every penny they can. Their full time job becomes looking for gaps in the system and use it to their advantage.

I have a customer, a 25 room independent hotel with an impeccable reputation. Last weekend at a wedding reception someone turned up with not one but 3 ESA dogs. They left them in their room and neighbouring guests complained to hotel due to the persistent barking and noise. The guest with dogs pulled out the paper saying “I’m special, me me me” as a reason to not sort the problem noise. Guest was asked to remove dogs from premises, staff were verbally abused, swore at and threatened with violence and were forced to call police (dont forget its someone’s wedding reception).

If anyone has any doubt, ESA are not protected like guide dogs, and no establishment has to accept them if they CHOOSE not to, and this includes landlords. Stop complicating things and just buy a goldfish.

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Sounds like you may need some support yourself there Mark. You could try counselling? I feel sorry for any tenant , relative or friend of yours!

I tried it. They recommended an ESA, imagine my reaction…. :smile:

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Take it from me pets are bad news! I’ve been asked countless times by tenants past and present if they could have a dog even though it’s written in the agreement no pets.
My advice to any Landlord is stick to your guns and don’t allow pets in the property as the damage that can happen can go of the scale and most tenants would rather hide it, deny their pet has done it or refuse to pay for the damage to be put right!! Most new pet owners don’t have a clue how to care for an animal but Choose to leave it Monday to Friday all day locked up in a kitchen with a bowl of water then return from work to let it mess up the garden because they can’t be bothered to exercise the poor animal.
I know that all pet owners aren’t bad but the bad ones spoil it for the good ones but if you allow an animal into a property and things don’t work out you have one hell of a job using that as a reason to move tenant and animal on should section 21 be abolished.


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