Pets and having them

im a disabled ex RAF Police dog handler with 4 pets, 2 dogs and 2 cats, im responsible and make sure my pets are clean and behaved. I have PTSD from my time in the armed forces and I got the pets as therapy animals to help with my ptsd, I am now homeless and could find a unicorn easier than finding an accommodating landlord. All I want is a place to call home, long term that I feel safe in.

Sorry to hear that you’re still suffering from you days in the armed forces. I understand your position and although it seems reasonable, most landlords will be concerned about the potential damage the pets could do to their property. You could offer to pay an extra £50 per month to compensate and some landlords might take this. Unfortunately a higher deposit is no longer an option for pet owning tenants.

What a dilema ! Problem is that 4 animals is a lot in one property.

my dogs are 9 and 10, they are well trained but spend most of their day asleep, they are never allowed upstairs, and my offer to most landlords is an extra 50 a month till it reaches a1000 then when I move out which if I found the right property I wouldn’t want to, then if there was any pet damage he would have not only the 1000 but my bond as well, if no damage he keeps 500 of the thousand plus any interest and I get the other 500 plus my bond.

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in my last rented property when the landlord sold it, my neighbours begged him not to as there had been no break-ins in the houses around my house because of my dogs being Forces trained.

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that is a very good selling point. Dogs are the best deterent

I Just need a landlord to se that and understand that being ex forces and a dog handler gives me discipline, and the knowledge of animals, also ive been in the building trade for 20 years, my decorating skills are excellent and ive run my own gardening business. I have a lot of plus points but all they hear is 4 animals, try taking a look at the person not whats written on paper.

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The problem for landlords Stephen is that they would be breaking the law if they accepted your offer. The Tenant Fees Act specifically prohibits landlords from charging a higher initial rent then lowering it to get around the deposit cap

Goverment laws and Shelter have stitched us all up. Landlords have not stitched you up. Look into the background of who we blame

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I know this but im more talking about a private arrangement but I do see what your saying, and being now homeless im seeing more and more the barriers in the way. the council are doing nothing to help, its ludicrous how many hoops you have to jump through. I have an guaranteed income of over £2000 a month but cant find a property to rent because of my dogs and cats.

A decent landlord will not make a private arrangement . If a tenancy turns sour it can be used against them

Do be aware that unfortunately some of us can’t accept pet owners - “no pets” is fairly common clause on leaseholds so I have no option but to apologetically turn down pet owners.

I do understand this, which is what makes it hard, but I am also aware of the new laws going through parliament on removing a landlords vito on pets,
The proposed law is known as the Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill and it is being brought forward by the Tory MP for Romford, Andrew Rosindell.
As my dogs and cats are therapy animals for my PTSD, both the landlord and myself are also covered by the law in that
The Fair Housing Act states that a housing provider must make all efforts to accommodate an emotional support animal , but the law also acknowledges that in some cases, it may not be possible. This means that in certain situations, a landlord can deny your emotional support animal . Which I guess most landlords would use, not realising the effect on a persons mental health.

I just get upset by the fact I served my Queen and country and was messed up due to this and no I have to climb insurmountable hurdles just to find a place to live, my dogs are older and well trained with me being an ex forces dog handler, but if people stopped taking the written word ie has pets and actually met the person and pets maybe, just maybe I might find a house to rent.

Hi I have just accepted a new tenancy with a cat. Please note not all landlord hate pets.

Its not a question of hate. I have 4 feral cats that i love and feed One had to have its leg removed that cost me £800 with aftercare But I just could not let it die. I could have put it out of its misery. None come in the house In the rented properties which are all flats with communal areas a dog would not be suitable and a couple of the tenants suffer from difficulty breathing. I have to put them first

If a landlord will not accept pets because of allergies I can completely understand that, but I also know that can be used as an excuse, I know three landlords in Coventry who wont allow pets saying they are allergic but have pets of their own.
I know about the restrictions landlord can be put under by there leases and government rules, I understand all this, all im saying is just because I have 4 pets, don’t judge me by that.
My dogs are well kept, walked more than twice daily, I clean up after them every day, groomed weekly, visit the vets regularly, they are never allowed upstairs, or on furniture. Cats are slightly harder to stop but I try. My dogs are older, well trained, and good security. I just want a landlord to give me a chance, however Im looking for a long term let. Decent area, I can do most of my own repairs after working in the building trade, ive also run my own gardening business, so outside spaces would be well kept. I know some tenants can cause problems but im not one of them.

The law hasn’t happened yet and you should be aware that most private members bills fail. Even if it went through, it would be hard for you to argue that a landlord must allow you to have 4 emotional support animals.

there two subjects that evoke a lot of views . Pets and benefit tenants and “ner the twain shall meet”

So I have an income of £2200, from pensions and guaranteed universal credit under the armed forces charter, but even that’s not good enough, and I can prove all my income, and that its guaranteed.