End of 12 mnth contract

Discussion deleted and support given

I’m not sure on what basis he is taking you to court for? Can you elaborate on which tenancy law you have supposedly broken? Also I don’t understand how you have a tenant who doesn’t live in the property? Is the other tenant just upset because of the date of the end of tenancy? This post seems to be missing some detail to be able to advise fully. Note that you would need to do a new tenancy agreement anyway if one of the named tenants is moving out, even if the other tenants are staying. In addition you will still need to give the tenant a formal end of tenancy notice because the one via Openrent is not sufficient.

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What do you mean by “I issued an end of contract notice for 2/5”? Do you mean you served the tenant with a legally valid notice? If not, how do you imagine the tenancy will end? When any fixed term ends, a tenancy becomes rolling periodic.

In Wales everything has recently changed. Have you issued new contracts to the tenants or a document outlining the differences between their existing agreement and the new laws? If not you have a problem.