End of fixed term

My tenants were informed several months ago the tenancy would be ending after the fixed term date on contract - Its been a year since they were there) to give them plenty of time to find another place as I know how disorganised they are.
I also sent some reminders as did OpenRent. I explained workmen will be coming after their check out.
I never heard anything until recently asking for my patience and understanding and they are still making plans.
They are not good at communicating or just ignore my messages unless have to act on them.

The house is in a terrible state and I’m redecorating before I can rent out again. I cant even set up viewings for potential new tenants as house is so badly looked after and they make it very difficult when I’ve tried to get access to house for quotes.

Where do I stand if they don’t move out on date set, I think they are planning to move but just not been very pro active. They have suggested I change the date for work or do it whilst they are there (which is impossible). They are being very vague about how things are progressing on their side.

Even if I change the date it could only be by a few days - please advise?


had you served a section 21 notice ?

No I was hoping they will move out, can I serve sec 21 at this stage
Not had to go down that road before

take no notice of what they say. Words are cheap

Yes I didn’t know this would happen and I do think they intend to move when find somewhere.
Just thinking if I serve section 21 now they will know they have another two months before they need to leave

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Why did you think the tenancy would just end without legal action on your part, despite them ignoring your emails? You should be aware that if they have nowhere to go, an eviction will take about 8-10 months to achieve.

They often ignore emails/texts until last minute unfortunately. They have now responded saying they are working on moving, I was advised to try and communicate before section 21 instructed.
I do think they intend to move, they are just disorganised with 3 kids under 5 and dad working long hours as a junior doctor.

Maybe if iI had served Sec 21 they would have dug their heels in more knowing they had another two months to act.

I guess I will soon find out if this was the right decision and learn from it as always had good tenants

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