End of lease clean - how much these days?

Hello - I was wondering how much an end of lease clean is these days? It is a few years since I’ve had to book one and my tenants are moving out end August. I have a 2 bed 2 bath flat, in Hackney Wick.
Can anyone help with a rough guide? I’ve had one quote at £180 (no timings, just until it is done). Seemed a tad expensivo to me!

I’d be grateful for your help - thank you !

For London, yes I would expect to pay that (probably more!). The price also depends on whether you have upholstered furniture (curtains / mattresses / sofas) that need to be cleaned, are your carpets being hoovered only or machine-cleaned, window cleaning etc. I normally pay upwards of £200 for a 2 bed in zone 3 West London. Hope that helps!

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Be very careful. We had a not so fantastic service from a company who actually put fantastic in their name. They have cost me a bout a grand in damages which they say totally weren’t their fault. They have left bleach marks on the worktops and wrecked the laminate floor! Do a video before and double check everything afterwards!!