Cleaning check out and in

Hi I have check out last tenant who cleaned the flat to good domestic standard and the carpet to reasonable domestic standard even though when they checked in it was all done professionally.

My new tenants have checked in but are unhappy with the standard and want me to professionally clean it even though its not dirty its not done to professional standard.

Is it my duty to do this as Im aware that the tenants now only have to hand back the property domestically cleaned.

Please can someone advise.

To clean it would not be a great cost. This would keep your tenants happy. You no doubt want them to be happy?

It’s not your duty, no. But I agree with Colin3, if you want them to be happy and stay for a long time you could get a team of cleaners in for half a day, with a carpet shampooing machine. That should satisfy all normal people.

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If the applicants are so particular, I would get it done and count my blessings you are getting tenants who, appear, to be respectable.

These days a carpet cleaner is relatively cheap at around £20-30 / room, unless you are renting a mansion:)

But, I would insist on this being recorded in your check in condition report / inventory, and make them well aware that the same criteria will be applied to the return of the property when they vacate, i.e. carpets shampoo cleaned. In other words the property is to be returned in the same condition as presented to them, being the usual clause in tenancy agreements.