Tenancy Renewal

So, my fixed term is coming to an end and my landlord wants me to sign another 6 months fixed term contract or leave. I asked for a periodic but she won’t budge. The initial agreement ends in 3 weeks and they just told me now. We’re looking to buy a house in the next few months and I explained that we don’t know exactly how long we will be renting, maybe longer than 6 months. Do I have to accept?

If she wants you to sign for 6 months and you may want it for more than 6 months so whats the problem/

I’m not sure how long it may take me to buy a house and be ready to move in it because I just started looking at what’s available. It may take between 3 and 6-7 months.

it always takes longer than you think it will

You could refuse to sign for another six months and then the LL would have to give you three months notice.
It could be that the LL doesn’t want you leaving right on top of Christmas maybe so that is why she is sticking out for another six month deal.

Hi Pumac, if you remain in the property without signing another tenancy agreement (e.g. for a six-month fixed term), then your tenancy will become a periodic tenancy. The landlord will be able to serve a minimum of three month’s notice, but it would take far longer to actually evict you. As long as you stayed in the property and paid full rent, there is less incentive to push for an eviction.

You don’t have to accept their proposed fixed term, since your tenancy will become periodic if you do nothing. Colin’s advice sounds wise, however; it could take around 6 months to find a place to buy!


Last time I checked, the notice period was asymmetrical at the end of a fixed term. You the tenant are entitled to decide to leave on the last day of the fixed term, or pay a month’s rent and get another month of occupancy. The LL on the other hand is required to give you a full two months’ notice if they want to take possession of the property on the last day of the fixed term, i.e. after no more than four months into the six month fixed term.

Your LL appears to have failed to give you two months’ notice so you don’t need to move out in three weeks. The soonest you are obliged to move out would be two months from today. If you want to be awkward about it, the notice needs to be in writing, in the correct form.

No doubt someone will correct me if this is out of date info!

I spoke to the agency yestarday and they said they’ll try to put a clause in the contract to allow me to leave before the end of a new 6 months fixed term. I’m waiting to see if the landlord agrees. Thank you all for the advice!