End of tenancy handover during Covid

At the end of the tenancy I usually meet the tenant for a handover and go through the property with them.

It is not safe to do so now so how can I get around this and still have a case if there is damage?

Anyone out there in this situation ?

I was going to suggest they post the keys through the letterbox, then I go in fog the house (anti bacs) it. Then do the inspection, maybe have a body cam to prove any problems. Our tenant/landlord relationship has broken down and I already have damage to claim back. I have a feeling there will be further problems.

I can’t seem to find any guidance online.


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We have very recently had the same situation.

We didn’t go in whilst they were there as the relationship had broken down.

I went in videoing my entrance as there was a few days gap between them leaving and me going in. I then just took photos and videos as usual but didn’t think of the point you have raised.

A body cam sounds a good idea. Not sure what else you could do above that.

The tenant doesnt need to be present during the check out. Most aren’t. It shouldn’t affect your rights to claim for damage as long as the property hasn’t been ‘disturbed’ since they left

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Thank you. Our relationship has also broken down I would be happy not to be put in a confrontation.

There is damage, I’m just not sure how much more there’s going to be.

Thanks for answering I can relax a bit now.

Thank you, I didn’t think I had to be and isn’t it 10 days to make a claim on the deposit?

You have to notify them of the dispute within 10 days. Not sure how long you then have to get the evidence in.

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We haven’t been present for any of the check outs. We also haven’t had an issue with the landlord being unreasonable and they claimed back any damage they found and deducted it out of the deposit. We take photos and do a video walkthrough as well (did so at the start of the lease as well)

I would suggest wearing a mask and gloves just because it’s not going to be sanitized even if they surprise you and cleaned it very well. People lived there, there’s going to be traced that could be contaminated.

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Thanks for replying.

If it’s an insurance deposit policy ( that is you hold the money) it’s all done with in 10 days
If it’s a custodial deposit (the service (eg DPS) holds the money) it’s to be dealt within 14 days but there is not a specified legal time ( unlike insured policy)