Access during inventory checkout

My tenancy is about to end and I have arranged for an inventory company to perform the checkout on the last day of tenancy. As I can’t be in the area at the time, I have asked a trusted friend who is familiar with the property to be there on my behalf. I would also like my friend to be able to have a quick look around the property, just to ensure the clerk (who I’ve never used before) doesn’t miss anything important. The tenant has raised concern that they don’t want someone close to me involved in the inspection. I’ve reassured them that the report will be produced by the clerks only. However, the tenant has also raised concern about there being more than necessary people in the property with them due to COVID. My question is: could the tenant prevent my friend/representative from entering the property before the inspection is signed off as complete by the clerk? At specifically what point does the tenant no longer have rights over who enters the property?

Hopefully my concern is unwarranted, but the way things are going I am starting to wonder if the tenant is hiding something and I am conscious that any damages need to highlighted whilst the inventory clerk and tenant are still there for me to have any right of claim. Thank in advance for your wisdom!

If he is leaving after the inspection then I don’t see why he can’t stand outside.
When the tenant has returned the keys you are ok at that point as they have ended their tenancy so ask for the keys first.
TBH the fact you are doing an exit inventory and they are departing after implies their tenancy has ended. It’s not like they are staying in the house after.

TBH I would not go into a property for five days because of COVID. In the first lockdown all tenants were told we would not go in in their presence because of our own safety. You could be walking into a heavy viral load and it may be on surfaces ( it can last up to five days on some materials ).
When you walk into someone’s home the higher risk is to you not to them.
If it were me I would ask the tenant to post the key in the property and arrange after a void period.
If they are worried they can photograph their property.

Why don’t you arrange a mutually convenient day for yourself and the tenant and the clerk

I don’t use inventory companies. I have only heard and read negative things about them