End of tenancy notice period

Hi Landlords

I’m looking for clarification on the 6 month end of tenancy notice period required by landlords after August 29th. I was wondering whether it is still applicable if the short hold tenancy is due to end in 4 or 5 months? Or can I just tell tenants that the contract won’t be renewed?

I found the below on government website but it doesn’t specifically clarify this.


When the fixed term ends, if the tenant is still in occupation, a periodic tenancy on the same terms arises automatically by statute. You could try telling the tenant this, but if they dont leave at the end of the fixed term you would have to serve notice at that point.

Hi David

The fixed term is due to end in March so I’m wondering if I still need to give 6 months notice or whether I can just advise that the contract won’t be renewed?


As I said, a new tenancy will arise automatically to replace the fixed term, so unless you serve notice, you have no legal basis on which to recover possession