End tenancy on Open Rent

My tenants have left the property and I’ve returned their bond that was held by DPS. How do I end the tenancy on the Open Rent website? When I click on the “End of tenancy options” it only seems to give the option to:

  1. Continue as a rolling periodic
  2. Re-sign with the same tenants
  3. Change a tenant on the agreement

I can’t work out how to end the tenancy.

Hi Karen,

Not worry, no need to end the tenancy on the website once it’s come to an end.

We’ll keep the contract and details of the tenancy on the website for both the tenant and the landlord - this is always useful given how the tenancy agreement was/is a legally binding document, so it’s always good to have a record of this!

Ultimately as ending a tenancy takes place off-platform, no need for you to formally ‘end’ anything with us.

Any questions, just let me know.


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Hey Karen, sounds like you have this tenancy all wrapped up, but I was just wondering — is an ‘end tenancy now’ function something you’d be interested in? Or would you always rather handle that yourself?

Always helpful to get insights on what our users want us to build!