Lost my tenancy agreement... what do I do?

Hi all,
I can’t find my current tenancy agreement. I’m trying to remember when the tenancy is ending so I can be prepared to advertise again!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you

I’m assuming you didn’t use openrent to set up your tenancy or a letting agent and you don’t want the embarrassment of asking your tenant . If that’s the case then if you did things properly at the beginning you tenancy it will have started the same date you gave the utility companies as the date your responsibility for the bills ended and the same for the council tax . You should be able to work it out from that.

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Exactly as Mike has said, that’s best way to figure it out if you haven’t done it through an agency and don’t want to ask the tenants.
Would highly recommend setting up your future tenancy agreements using Rent Now. It makes it so easy having everything all in one place and easily accessible in your OpenRent account.

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Thank you both. I did manage to find it in the end! I am quite new to this after taking over my sister’s house so I will definitely use Open Rent’s extra services going forward, will make it all much simpler.

What makes you think it will end? The tenancy will just become periodic, (usually month to month). Has the tenant indicated they will be leaving at the end of the fixed term? If not just let it roll on. They will give notice when they’re ready to leave.