Ending a joint tenancy

I am in a joint tenancy with one other person. My housemate has asked to leave and given 2 months notice with the intention of using the break clause.

The landlord has given two options that she finds a replacement tenant or we both terminate the contract, as we both need to agree to use the break clause.

I initially stated I wanted to stay, however the landlord wants me to sign a new a contract with any new tenant which is much longer than I am willing to stay.

I also now wish to leave but I need about another month in the flat before my new job and home are ready.

Am I allowed to give notice and end the tenancy at this later date and who would be liable for this part of the rent

Hi Jessica,

Sounds like quite an ordeal - sorry to hear this switch-up isn’t going as smoothly as possible!

I can’t see that this relates to a Rent Now tenancy so I can’t advise on the specifics, given how our contract will naturally vary with any other you may have used.

If I’m mistaken then please just shoot us an email from your registered address (https://www.openrent.co.uk/faq#i-have-more-questions) and we can advise you on this.

Otherwise generally speaking, Shelter are a very handy port of call when it comes to seeking comprehensive help and/or legal advise.

Anything else we can help with, just let me know.