Ending a tenancy once the contract has been signed

We have signed a contract to start on 1st June. The deposit and first month’s rent has been received by Openrent. The house is immaculate throughout.
The new tenant has brought lots of belongings over, but not yet moved in. The belongings are mouldy to the point that it has caused my son and I to react (sneezing, feeling ill) and filthy, though this family promised us they were very clean.
We no longer want to proceed with the contract and have spoken to Openrent, who have advised us to use the ‘Deed of Tenancy Surrender’ document.
Does anyone have any experience of a similar situation and how to handle it, especially if theres’s resistance from the tenant?
Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance

It sounds like you have entered the property after the contract start date, did you received permission from the new tenants.
If the contract is signed don’t think there is much you can do about it only issue a section 21 as soon as legally possible.


Both parties would have to agree a deed of surrender.
Under what circumstances did you find yourself among the tenants furniture ?


If theyve moved belongings into the property then they have probably legally taken possession and the tenancy has begun. You would have to both agree to a surrender as stated above.

You could remind them about the tenancy clauses regarding damage to the property and the potential for them to lose their deposit or even more.

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