Surrender tenancy

Hi, I recently signed a contract for a tenancy but changed my mind after two days. I realised it wasn’t suitable as and hadn’t had a viewing I surrendered the tenancy online. I have then realised that I need to sign the deed along with the landlord.
He said on the phone that he was happy for me to refuse so I think he’ll sign it but I can’t find the document to co sign. Can anyone help. Also what if he doesn’t sign it?

You signed the contract without viewing the property? Has the money exchanged hands, too?

What deed is this exactly? Be careful you dont get caught out signing something else.

No it hasn’t, I couldn’t view the property as he works away and has taken the keys with him.
Thanks for the response.

When you surrender the tenancy you have to co sign a deed to terminate the tenancy. I have emailed Open Rent and they are trying to get hold of him. I was under the impression contracts from a far ie online you get a 14 day cooling off period. Thanks for the response.

No money except £110 has exchanged hands. I haven’t paid the months rent or the deposit. Just the initial fee which he can keep I have no problem with that.

ALWAYS view a property first . Do not do this again or you will keep losing money

I know. It was a stupid thing to do.

If you haven’t yet moved in, then you don’t yet have a tenancy, just a contract. However, provided the deed doesn’t say anything odd, I don’t think signing it would cause any harm.

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