Ending tenancy?

Currently on a month to month periodic tenancy as our last agreement expired

Rent payment is due 25th of the month

We are currently in the process of buying our own home just waiting on completion day etc

In the agreement we have to give 1 months notice but does that mean we have wait and give notice say on a rent payment date to be leaving the property on the next payment date or can we just give notice of a month on any date

Don’t see why we should have to work around and wait as long as they get enough notice might even be giving them longer when the time comes

Just wondered if anybody else knows the situation or been there before

The standard is that the notice expires at end of rental period which would normally coincide with rent payment date.

It’s upto the landlord if they want to accept a notice that ends part way through the rental period. They dont have to but many do so best to speak to landlord.

i have had people move out ,to buy > As these dates can be uncertain I say " tell me the date when youu know it and pay rent pro rata"

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