Enquiries before payment

I met my landlord on Facebook. We contacted ourselves via email. My question is, he has sent me an invoice using open rent, i dont know if i should go ahead with the payment. Or how can i contact the open rent for confirmation before i proceeds to pay?

Have you viewed property?
An invoice for what?

They cannot charge you a fee.

Smells of scam.

check out with openrent tomorrow

No, he said i should pay first before one of the openrent agent will show me the place and give me yhe key, then after 48h if i dont like it, my money will be refunded. But I am not comfortable with such arrangement

100% scam. report to facebook.

NEVER any money up front.

Thats the second report of a likely scam originating from a Facebook contact. Im not an FB user, but I think they should be told about this and asked to act to protect vulnerable tenants.

This is not usual procedure. Walk away.

help from F B it will not happen

Hi Femi5, please edit your post to read this: “I met my scammer on Facebook”! Please steer clear from it.

Openrent have agents ??? Steer clear