Ensuring that 'key features' display properly on Rightmove

Does anyone know how to ensure that when your ad is formatted for Rightmove, the ‘Key Features’ section (directly below the photographs) actually mentions key features, rather than just saying ‘no tenant fees’? I have listed ‘key features’ in my text, but you have to open and read the full body of text to see them, and it would be much better if they just appeared in the ‘key features’ section, like all the other professional ads on Rightmove.

Thanks for any responses!

Hi Naomi, good question - I have had the same issue and look forward to hearing from Openrent. In the past when I queried this I was told they did not have the functionality to allow tailored Rightmove features.

But then Openrent should remove “no tenant fees” as a default key feature as tenant fees are banned in any event, so this is actually misleading for consumers.

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Hi Naomi,

Your property description is a free text box which means it’s a stand alone feature of your listing.

If you have any questions about how your property is appearing on your OpenRent listing, or any of our partner portals you are welcome to email our customer support team at https://www.openrent.co.uk/faq#i-have-more-questions.

So as it stands, if you use OpenRent you can’t really display your ad optimally on Rightmove, because you can’t use the ‘key features’ section? Just checking I’ve got that right.