Why haven't OpenRent published my Property Description?

I spent some time writing an informative + accurate description about my property

What I actually see now on Rightmove by way of description is just a couple of snippets of what I wrote which says relatively very little about the property - its not informative + its not at all helpful to me in trying to market my property to its best advantage + find a good tenant

What’s the point of having a Description section on your template when you don’t publish it?

Hi Jayne,

Thanks for your post! I can see you have resolved this already with my colleague. Just for future reference, as long as your description follows the below guidelines it will be published on OpenRent and the portals with no problem:

  • No ALL CAPS sections (bold is better suited)
  • No links / urls
  • No personal contact details (phone numbers / email)
  • Reasonable spelling / capitalisation / number of paragraphs
  • No first person references (e.g. I am renting my spacious 2 bed)
  • No references to Agents (e.g. No Agents)
  • No full property address (e.g. door number, full postcode)

Any landlord’s with OpenRent can also specifically request we use their full description on all properties they list with us (as long as they comply with the above) by logging on to their account and going to their ‘Advanced Settings’ on their profile.

Our intentions are always to provide the best platform for all our landlords to connect with people searching for properties, and we know that often the description plays a big part in attracting a tenant so have no desire to change a description when it isn’t absolutely needed.