EPC degraded from D to F

Hi All, Has anyone had an EPC graded from D (2011) to F (2021) without any changes being made to the property between those year? Is it worth asking for a second opinion? They are asking for a £20,000 electricity improvement work! I thought the government cap was £3,500?
Thank you, Ana

I understand that the way that EPCs are assessed has changed in the last decade and in most cases would now be lower than the original rating.

What do you mean by £20k electricity improvement?

Repairs worth £20,000

What specifically?..

Internal or external wall insulation
Floor insulation (suspended floor)
High heat retention storage heaters

What period is the property? Is it a house or flat? I assume you just have electric heating currently?

You should be able to get the storage heaters for under the £3500 limit unless the property is huge. That might be enough to get you up to an E, at which point you can re-let it.

Thanks a lot! No, small property so that will hopefully do. I guess I would have to have another EPC after the works, right? Thanks!

We have had properties drop from D to C.
Boilers, glazing etc are more energy efficient now
The energy efficiency of glazing is calculated on date of install ( from FENSA register) and level of glazing ( double vs triple ) and type of gas filled in glass unit ( argon etc )

Boilers from 10 years ago are less efficient ( B vs A)

Our EPC report advises new boilers wall and floor insulation

What used to get 5 stars now only has four or three

You would need to do another EPC after works are complete

There is a government green deal grant at the moment which may be worth applying for. Your council may also have grant money for improvements. You may need to register as an approved landlord.

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