EPCs not going to get a C grade

I have some Victorian cottages and most are solid brick construction and rated D. They have condensing combis, double glazing, loft insulation, room stats, TRVs, programmers etc. The EPC is telling me I need to insulate the walls and floors. I do not intend to do this and will start selling down my portfolio. Any thoughts from other landlords in same boat?

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I believe solar grants are coming back at some point this year. My EPC assessor was adamant. If you can get that it will take you property’s up to a C.

Also… If the upgrades you have already done equal more than £3500 you can get a EPC exemption, then the “C” won’t apply to you anyway.

Will they start making insulating panels which you can stick to the inside of your wall ?
Like some insulation suck to some gyproc or something which can be attached to the insides of walls , to bring the property up to a C rating ?

you can already do this I have been doing this for 20 years

I found some very thick insulated wallpaper almost like hard foam on a roll. I sent all the spec to Elmhurst who regulate EPC assessments and they said it would not be considered insulation.

you have to use a kinspan or similar board. The best heat retention you can get . Better than polystyrene

I have used insulated plasterboard in a property. It goes on to the inside of external walls. Quite a simple system and boosts EPC by a fair few points.

Hi Colin
Please let us have more details?
Is your method accepted by an EPC assessor as internal insulation?
Many thanks

Thanks Colin
Is it accepted by an assessor as insulation though?

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Yes I achieved C ratings on 3 flats I sell insulation and as a builder have been inslating for 50 years

Inside the room PIR board on all outside walls minimum 50mm Plasterboard onto it . Mechanically fix with mushroom fixings skirting on, skim up. You have to bring sockets and switches further out I also do all timber floors with PIR .(kingspan or similar) C rating no probs. I make it sound easy, it was for me ,it s my job

Thanks LandL,
So applying insulated plasterboard to an internal wall is all you need to do? Does it need to be batteries first or is there a minimum thickness or rating?

whereabouts are you based and do you want some work?!

As Colin says above.

No more work . You can buy ready insulated plasterboard with PIR or polystyrene PIR is far superior and dearer

Just read this report about the damage home insulating has caused

Also do NOT have your loft sprayed up with foam Some build, soc. will not lend on homes with such a system in the roof… A roof has to breathe so if insulating the roof joists (not ceiling joists) leave an air flow gap.

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The EPC grade C rule has not come in yet. You could be selling for no reason


I realise that. It’s 2025 for new tenancies and 2028 for existing at the moment. Looking at how many properties, in the streets where I have mine, with solid walls suggests their will be a lot being sold at once.


It’s still only proposal. It’s not yet law and may not become law.