Upcoming EPC changes

Hello all
Wondered what LLs’ predictions are about this green Govt and EPCs.

  1. Will it go harder and faster? eg EPC C by 2025 instead of D.
  2. Will dodgy LLs circumvent by giving backhander to assessor?!
  3. Will it cause a material increase in rents?
  4. Is it a good thing considering current gas prices?

Alex, Nottm

I have already achieved a few C s by new boilers and exta insulation. Keeping warmer is always a good thing

A further problem is that the criteria are being tightened. After installing double glazing my place was rerated DOWN to E from D 8 years ago.
The ratings are abitary opinions. No measurements are taken. How else can one explain a ground floor flat with no underfloor insulation and SINGLE glazing getting a C?
Its not always possible to improve flats in a block. Even new efficient central heating may not do it.
And what if the desired C is missed by a single point?
What happens when a flat becomes illegal to rent in 4 years time. Must tenants be evicted? How? S21 is not going to exist soon

if a property is a terrace property that gets a better EPC than if it is a semi as having neighbours either side helps keep heat in. I insulate ALL floors and roof spaces . In the the larger rooms on exterior walls I insulate INSIDE the room ,replasterboard and skirt it . I do not believe in external insulation for various reasons… My method takes a while but I achieve C ratings. It does help that I have been doing this sort of job for a long time and I have an insuation warehouse (small). But boy are these places warm and no condensation

What proof do the assessors accept that tha insulation is good. Mine did not use any instuments. The external wall is 9 inches block plus cavity plus a brick skin. I know because we drill a vent through, but the assessor made no reference to it.

when I insulate say a ground floor I take photos of the process This alone is not enough, they have to see it . I never laminate the floors . I always carpet save for kit and bath. So I leave an acess point so the insulation under the floor can be SEEN and MEASUREDin thickness. …With the insulation on the inner skin of an outside wall I drill a 2 inch hole thru the plasterboard and the insulation. A pain I know… they then stick their tape in the hole , measure it ,photo it Job done . If they do not see it ,they do not believe it… I have a place with a 9 inch wall cavity with insulation and outer skin ,But i had an old gas fire hole thru the wall, so I did not seal it up till the EPC girl had seen it. If renovating ,call them in before you decorate .She said to me that they have to have a photo of the measurementin the hole !.. as you will know just because a wall is thick does not mean it is a better at retaining heat… I lived in an old mill with 2 foot thick walls it was cold till I insulated it internally.

Good points Colin. I’ve just had an EPC done and same thing-apparently the auditors are much tougher on the assessors now hence the evidence required. Think it’s unfortunate for LLs who know previous work has got insulation but no proof and don’t want damage finished walls/ceilings to prove it. But, as you say, small hole enough to fit a tape in should suffice.

it is exactly so. I left a wall till off the wall I had insulated drilled a 2 inch hole got epc ,foamed in hole ,glued tile on… I had 2 " jablite under the concrete tiled kitchen floor 20 yrs ago but cannot prove it . Nowdays I would leave a hole in the floor under a loose kitchen base unit ! Its just thinking ahead of the “see and measure problem” Refereing back to my old mill I got a lousy EPC but as it was my home I was not bothered , I knew what I had done, and the builder who bought it believed me. HE bought it on the strength of its location anyway

Carl 2 there are no instruments to measure the thickness of “hidden” insulation. Any inventors out there ? Heat loss can be measured but not the same thing, with a thermal imaging camera. .Maybe even on a phone for all I know (that is just one thing of many I do not know)

So its just intelligent guessing, experience, etc But its clear from seeing epc from various similar flat in a block that it is not scientific.
Eg one top floor flat, the insulation in the roof space is regarded as better than in its neighbour which is identical.
Also difficult is getying the block management on board for cavity insulation which is generally seen as worth while
But what happs in 4 years, lots of evictions? And using which clause
Its all a good idea but not yet fully baked.

There are several things that will happen in the future……some will be covered off by applying for 5 year exemptions. For example where a proposed change is not feasible. Then there will be a period where the changes only apply to new tenancies and then after a while all tenancies and potential fines. The actual EPC part seems to applied with a large element of assumption.

When I voted Tory at the last election, I didn’t expect to get the leftie greens in power. Their net zero proposals are both crazy and unnecessary. After 30 years as a landlord, I’ll be selling my portfolio because I am tired of their persecution of the sector. These EPC proposals are just the latest headache for us to deal with. They will result in higher rents, a shortage of properties to let and many good long term tenants evicted. Another failed government policy to add to the list. Soon we will have even more requirements such as replacing perfectly adequate heating systems with inferior green options. What a crazy world we live in.

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I bet the same rules will not apply to housing associations

Colchester council has just decided not to apply for the goverment money to insulate their council properties . But will encourage Private landlords and housing associations to improve their stock !!! You cannot trust these councils.

It’s very difficult for listed for property where LL
are restricted to with windows and wall insulation.

Also I would like to say that the way EPC done
by different EPC what we call registered office could
be misleading and not correct. The reason is that I got
my flat in a listed building and epc is D but another
owner’s flat next door and epc done by another officer and says C. Both got exactly same boiler, same storage
heating, exactly same single glazed window etc

So please am not sure how can how can it right but
I would like to challenge one day.

can be that aflat with more external walls gets a different rating Energy saving bulbs also make a difference

Collin, yes I know about changing and
we have LED bulbs too.

Not sure you have it right. Rooms must be measured. Cavity wall insulation in blocks help as does A rated Double glazing. Modern electric storage heaters or new boilers do too.

Room sizes but no thermal measurements.

Also what do we do in 2025 if as i was advised no solutions other than External Cladding would do.
On a block of flats this is difficult to organise esp after Grenfell