Estate agent said rent will increase, but refused to tell the new rent until last moment

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My fixed term period will come to an end, within two and a half months. I am required to give 2 month notice whether I choose to stay or leave.
The estate agent said the landlord wants a rise in rent. But until now, he could not tell me the new rent. I think it’s unfair not to let me know the new rent. I need to plan ahead. I will have very little time to consider to stay or move.
Does the estate agent or landlord has an obligation to allow a certain period of reasonable to inform the tenant any change to the rent after fixed term period? or do I have the statutory right to think for a certain period of time whether to move or stay after the agent tells me the new rent?

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The landlord normally has to give sufficient notice for you to be able to move out should you wish to which they have done.

If you dont agree to a new fixed term the contract will go on a rolling periodic basis so its not a long term commitment to pay the increased rent so you could continue to look and maybe only pay 1 month at increased rent if you fine something better.

If this really is a fixed term tenancy then you can leave at the end of it with no notice, whatever your tenancy agreement or agent says. You would need to be out before the end of the last day. If its a contractual periodic tenancy then you would have to serve notice in accordance with the agreement.

The landlord has to give you at least a months notice of any rent increase, so even if its spring on you you will still have time to serve your own notice and leave.

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If I do not agree a new fixed term but the landlord insists, can he evict me by ending the tenancy with a section 21 possession notice?

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The landlord can serve a s21 notice if you dont agree to the increase.

You can refuse and refer it to the First Tier Tribunal and say why you do not agree, if it’s higher than what similar properties are renting for in the area, and the tribunal will decide.

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